Ryan Ainsworth is a vocalist, harmonica player, and guitarist with a real passion for songwriting. Ryan started playing guitar and singing in bands in his early teens.  His Early influences are The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and many bands from the 60’s and 70’s.  More recently, Ryan acquired a bigger interest in blues and then the 90’s came along. “Yes, I love grunge and I’m proud of it!”

Ryan is half of the Duo called Ainsworth/Degrandis with his close friend Manny, adding incredible bass lines and a deep groove to their sound. Ainsworth/Degrandis play a wide range of 60’s and 70’s rock and country music in their own style. Ryan also plays his own original songs in Ainsworth/Degrandis
Q) Who inspires you most?
A) “It used to be other musicians that seemed to be conquering the world with thier music and I dreamed of someday touring around the world, and selling millions of records.  Don’t get me wrong, I am still very inspired by music but I would like to say that more recently I am inspired by many different people for different reasons.  The support workers at the Alzheimer’s society for thier committment to our senior citizens.  Many of my musician friends in various stages of thier careers for thier tenacity and commitment to thier craft.  The many talented buisness people that I work with.  My friends at Artscan for thier commitment to working with indiginous kids in Northern communities.  More and more I find inspiration in everyday folks in everday life.”
Q) What do you do in an attempt to alleviate stage fright?
A) “I visualize my performance from start to finnish.  I try to imagine that its going to go great, be smooth and my audience will be receptive.”
Q) Top 3 “desert island” albums?
A) “Allman Brothers Band: Live at The Fillmore East – Led Zeppelin I – U2: The Joshua Tree”
Q)What advice would you give a new musician trying to break into the local music scene?
A) “Make friends, be kind to the soundman.  Check out local bands.  Go out to open mics.  You never know who can help you in this business, so be open minded.”
Q)What are some of your favorite venues that you’ve played?
A) “The Sharon Temple – Nathan Phillips Square – Walk for Alzhiemers at the Briars Resort in Jacksons Point.”
Q) If you could open for any artist/band, who would you choose and why?
A) “Tedeschi Trucks Band – Simply because I am a huge fan and love thier music. I would assemble the most awesome kick-ass band I could and rehearse daily for 6 months if I ever got the chance.”