Art & Lutherie and The Arts Music Store

Here at the Arts Music Store, we are very proud to have carried such a uniquely Canadian brand for so many years. We offer guitars from all of Art & Lutherie’s lineup: The Americana Dreadnought series, The Legacy Concert Hall series, the Roadhouse parlour series as well as Factory 2nd models and more! Art & Lutherie join the rest of the Godin brand with an amazing line of instruments at competitive price ranges. Click the button below to have a browse through what this amazing brand has to offer!

Featured Art & Lutherie Guitars

Three Great Guitars we know You’ll Love!

Art & Lutherie Legacy 12 String


Art & Lutherie Roadhouse in Denim Blue


Art & Lutherie Roadhouse in Faded Black


Innovators and Music Makers

Handcrafted in Princeville, Quebec since 1995, Art & Lutherie offers the essential parts of the best handcrafted guitars at a price for the working musician. Each Art & Lutherie guitar is made with close attention paid to quality, sound and sustainability.

Art & Lutherie are committed to a sustainable future with all their guitars made from 95% Canadian wood gathered from fallen trees with no clearcutting involved. Their facilities are powered exclusively by hydroelectric making them a pioneer for a more sustainable future. Art & Lutherie is working to create high quality guitars while making the world a better place.

Each guitar is made from pressure tested 3 layer laminated Wild Cherry backs, Sitka Spruce tops, and Silver Leaf Maple necks that offer a similar sound profile to mahogany while giving the guitars the durability needed to be played for years.

Whether it’s blues, folk, country, or rock-and-roll, Art & Lutherie has something for any genre you prefer.

“Thank you The Arts Music Store for making my 50th b-day present experience a great one. Thank you for giving a care and for your amicable character and professionalism expressed to me and my wife. Can’t say enough about all o’ this. These guys are the best. Their product line-up is downright sexy and I think the fact that my wife also picked up a pink ukulele at the same time just made it even more fun than we could have hoped for. Thanks ‘The Arts Music Store’ — you rock!”


“Nothing short of great! Extremely knowledgeable staff that go out of their way to accommodate their clientele. Customers derive benefit of the staffs in depth knowledge based on their experience as working musicians. Their experience, integrity, and in-depth knowledge of the industry means that you will get decent products to suit your own personal music needs, at fair prices and excellent service after they have made the sale. If these guys don’t truly love what they do, then they are brilliant actors! Have dealt with them for over 25 years and will continue to do so!
All the best to Archy and the gang!”


“My son and I have taken up guitar this year and we have visited a few of the popular music shops in the GTA in search of the right gear to get started with. The Arts staff have consistently provided us with exceptional service and a ton of great advice without the pushy sales approach of some of the other shops.
Great service and fantastic products!”