Time to get out of the basement and into the action!

Want to play with others but don't know where to begin? We've got everything you need - a band, a rehearsal space, lots of gear and an expert coach. Take your music to a whole new level!

Weekly Adult JAM Class is about improving, becoming part of a music community and having a great time.

In the class you will:

  • Be part of a band with similar musical interests and abilities
  • Explore different genres - blues, jazz, rock
  • Learn how to listen to and play with other musicians
  • Gain a better understanding of composition, arrangements and improvisation
  • Have an immense amount of fun
  • Make new friends
  • Take your playing to a whole new level

The class is one hour per week for four weeks in our fully equipped, brand spanking new JAM room. The cost is $99. At the end of the four weeks the band has the option of signing up again or members can return to the queue to meet new musicians.

  “Band members love the JAM Class because it makes all those hours of practice worth it. There’s a satisfaction to playing music with others and pushing yourself to be better. They grow not only as a band but as individual players.”
Manny DeGrandis Band Coach
"I have found the Weekly JAM sessions to be a new adventure, exciting, and most of all, fun."
Billy G
"Playing music as a band and making new friends with the same interests has been very rewarding. I never realized I could sing and play this well."
Michael M.