Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to some questions we receive in the store
regarding recent purchases, product information, or instrument care.

Please message us if you have any others you were thinking of.

How do I tune my Drums?

Ooooh, that's a good one. There are so many great drummer out there, fantastic technique, but have never really got the hang of tuning the kit. Beginner and Pro alike will find this info helpful and get their kit sounding the best it can. Click Here.

How do I put my Drumkit together?

This can be a little overwhealming if you've never donw this before. Click Here and watch a series of videos from Pearl on how to put assemble, tune up, and put your kit together like a pro

Why do I have to Humidify my Acoustic Guitar?

Regardless if your acoustic guitar is a $200 beater, or a "Built to order" Taylor in Brazilian Rosewood, you need to protect it throughout the year from extremes in humifity; either too much, or more commonly, too little . Click Here and get the dirt from Bob Taylor himself on how to diagnose, protect and treat your guitar so you can enjoy it for a lifetime.