Our team of in-house technicians boast the experience, skill, and knowledge to keep your instruments playing beautifully.

No matter what your repair needs, we will get your instrument playing and sounding its best. From a string change to a broken head-stock, we will take excellent care to ensure we give you the best service possible.


Taylor Guitars — Deal with a Specialized Technician

Taylor Guitars has certified factory-trained repair centers around the globe. Our specialized repair technicians have successfully completed training with Taylor Guitars and are certified for Taylor warranty repairs. Each is a Taylor specialist, handling all types of warranty repairs. We also do non-warranty work such as ding repairs, fret-dressing, and more. Warranty claims can be made directly at The Arts Music Store.

Advice From Experts That Share Your Passion

We know you love your instrument. Our team is available to tell you about the best may to keep your instruments sounding and looking their best. We can help you to take better care of your gear by offering advice on humidifying your guitars, what are the cardinal rules of stretching strings, tuning and the best may to setup your drum kit. If you have a question about your instrument, we'd love to help.

More than just Guitars

While guitars get a lot of attention, our repair technicians have the ability to help you with much more than that. If you have a mandolin, banjo, viola, violin or bass guitar, we can handle it. We can also help repair your electronics and wiring needs. If you need a repair that you don't see listed in our Shop Rates, give us a call to see if we can help.


Your instrument deserves better than a too-soon demise due to neglect. Give it the tender love and care it deserves and hear the difference.
Six String Guitars $25
7 & 8 String $30
Guitar with a Locking Tram $35
4, 5 & 6 String Bass Guitars $25
12 String Guitars $35
Doubleneck Guitars $60
Classical Guitars (Nylon) $30
Banjos $35
Mandolin $25
Violin, Viola $30

Pricing does not include the price of the strings or setup. Some instruments may require inspection from our technicians before we can give an accurate quote.

Six String Acoustic Guitars $60
Bass Guitars $60
7 String Fixed Bridge $70
7 String Floating Bridge $85
8 String Fixed Bridge $80
8 String Floating Bridge $95
12 String Guitars Electric $75
12 String Guitars $75
Doubleneck (12 and 6) $140
6 String Non-locking - Tremolo Equipped $60
6 String Non-Locking Tremolo - Equipped Guitars $75
Banjo and Resonator Guitars $75+
Mandolin $60
Violin and Viola $50

Setups do not include the price of strings or fret work. An additional fee may apply for guitar re-humidification..

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