Humidity, The Element That Keeps Your Guitar Alive

Over the years, we've seen hundreds of guitars meet an early demise by drying out in the winter time. Once your heating system is activated in your house, the heated air recirculates and the humidity drops. Since your guitar is made of wood, it is vulnerable to drying out.


Some warning signs that your guitar is in danger are:

  • Frets protruding from the fretboard
  • Sound hole changing shape
  • Metal fittings coming loose
  • String height change
  • Neck curve change
  • Separation between body and binding
  • Concave top

Bob Taylor tells you everything you
need to know about Humidity


Bob Taylor explains what happens when extremely dry conditions wreak havoc on a guitar's geometry, even causing it to crack.


Humidity: the Symptoms


Humidity: the Solution - Part 1


Humidity: the Solution - Part 2


"I understand this, but I'm still
unsure how to care for my guitar

We understand; it can be a bit intimidating. After all, you don't see everyone running out and changing their oil in their driveway on a whim. Please feel free to stop in the store and have a chat with our guys in the shop. If they're not swamped, they'll be happy to explain things further or answer any other questions you may have.