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The Sire brand is widely known for manufacturing some of the best value basses the industry has ever seen. With low prices, high-end appointments, and dazzling finishes, Sire has seemingly broken the mold in regards to keeping a quality instrument at an easily digestible price range. In early 2020 with the collaboration of revered guitar player, Larry Carlton,  Sire made the jump to creating a full line of electric guitars with a similar marketing strategy. These guitars were built to contain high-quality parts, come in a wide array of unique finishes, and come in a few of the most common body shapes on the market. All of which come in under their lower pricing formula. These guitars look great, sound great, and most importantly, they feel great! Tap the button below to check out the full line of Sire guitars!

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Larry Carlton 335 Style Flame Maple Top Hollowbody in Vintage Sunburst


Larry Carlton T7 Telecaster Style FM Electric Guitar in Transparent Black


Larry Carlton S7 Stratocaster Style Electric Guitar in Sherwood Green

The Sire Revolution

Although the Sire brand has not been a household name for long, they have carved out a place in the industry that has tremendous staying power. With an ear to the pulse of the working musician, Sire began developing high-quality basses with only one thing in mind: the player. To Sire, The playing experience was as equally as important as the price. Making an instrument that was unique, strong, effortlessly playable, and also affordable was the name of the game since day one for this Korean brand. Research and development took years as they set out to achieve something that not too many brands have been able to achieve. After tireless years of micro-adjustments and working with artists and players, Sire caught the attention of the world-renowned bass player, Marcus Miller and this union put Sire on the map. With Marcus on board, Sire began creating their second generation of basses that came in like a wrecking ball to the industry.

With a few years of making some of the best value basses money can buy, Sire was ready to take on their next adventure: the electric guitar. Luckily, with a well-established reputation at this point, Sire was in a perfect position to start looking for a player to collaborate with on this venture. This player was none other than the world-class guitarist, Larry Carlton. The process was painstaking, but the result was absolutely miraculous. Just like that (with the help of Larry Carlton) Sire conjured up the same magic and created a line of guitars that played like butter, sounded like a million bucks, and came in under the cost of most guitars in their range. If you’ve not had a chance to try a Sire electric guitar, you are doing yourself a disservice.

Sire also has an impressive artist roster including, Adam Dorn – USA, Álvaro Sovero – Peru, Baybars Konuralp – Turkey, Christian Laguna – Bolivia, David & Lyn Hinds – Australia, Giane Rangel – Brazil, Humberto Miquilena – Venezuela, Isobella Burnham – United Kingdom, Jackie Clark – USA, James Werts – Estonia, Jamie Bestwick – Canada, Jauqo III-X – USA, Jayen Varma – India, Joko Reantaso – Philippines, José Dantas – Portugal, Juan Carlos Mendoza – Spain, Leon Philipsen – United Kingdom, Leonard Choon Hwee Ng – Singapore, Maarten Plukker – Netherlands, Mathieu Llopart – France, Pablo Motyczak – Argentina, Patcharapong Ruenghirunwong – Thailand, Rama Lesmana Natanael – Indonesia, Rasmus Ehrnborn – Sweden, Rob Silva – USA, Rommel Dela Cruz – Philippines, Vuyani Wakaba – USA, Will Howard – USA to name a few.

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