Crafting Tradition c. 1946

Pearl drums are among the most famous musical instruments on the planet and at the Arts Music Store we’re proud to carry on tradition with a wide selection of Pearl’s most popular kits, snare drums, FX percussion, pedals, hardware and accessories!

The Pearl Musical Instrument company was founded in 1946 and is headquartered in Yachiyo City, Japan with manufacturing outlets located in several nations across the world including Nashville, Tennessee! Pearl is well known for its variety of quality instruments and is a leader in the research and development of many new instrument concepts.

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HWP930 Hardware Pack

This step up from the 800 series hardware is perfect for the pro musician looking to upgrade their gear

3-Piece Platinum Mist Shell Pack

This 3-piece wood and fiberglass shell pack makes a great entry point to building the kit of your dreams!

4-Piece Crystal Beat Shell Pack

Step up your game with this stunning 4-piece Crystal Beat shell pack in Frost Acrylic

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A Tradition in Tone

When it comes to musical versatility be it stage or studio Pearl offers an incredible value to players of all levels (something only their decades of experience and tradition can deliver). With individual drums and sets available in numerous sizes and colours you’ll be amazed at their range of cowbells, congas, cymbals, stands and percussion equipment! The company grew in leaps and bounds after 1957 when rock music became popular around the globe, but Pearl drums can be found in all genres of music.

Carefully handcrafted from different types of elegant materials including; high-grade woods (birch, maple, mahogany), fiberglass, seamless-acrylic and composite materials all Pearl shells feature the company’s patented Superior Shell Technology.

A few semi-pro and entry-level lines include the Midtown, (MDT), Roadshow (RS),
Export (EXX), Decade Maple (DMP), Crystal Beat (CRB) and Session Studio Select (STS) series.

Some higher end professional lines include the Pearl Masters Maple Complete (MCT), Pearl Masters Maple Gum (MMG), Pearl Masters Maple Reserve (MRV), Reference Pure (RP), Reference (RF), and Masterworks (MW) series.

Pearl also designs and manufactures an assortment of electronic drum series including the e/Merge, and Mimic Pro lines.

Notable Players; Ian Paice (Deep Purple), Jeff Porcaro, Eric Singer (KISS), Ray Luzier (Korn), Mike Mangini (Dream Theater), Todd Sucherman (Styx), Tommy Lee of (Motley Crue)

For over 70 years now Pearl drums have created some of the most vibrant tones ever, both live on stage and in the studio. The instruments are famous for their affordability, tonal warmth, precision, versatility, resonance, sustain, and clarity with the Export series being the best-selling drum kit across the world for 30 years.

Come visit us at The Arts Music Store to check out our line of Pearl drums and accessories and find out for yourself why they’re so popular with all styles of drummers!

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