Catalinbread SFT Vintage Ampeg Overdrive Pedal

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Fans of those classic amps will recognize the signature AMPEG tonal character and playing feel that made them famous. Their new SFT provides classic late '60s and early '70s Stones-inspired tones with the addition of modern Stoner influenced sounds via the new STONES/STONER switch. They also took the opportunity to expand the gain range and improve the dynamic sensitivity of the original circuit, providing the player with a more expansive big amp feel at the pick.

Model: SFT
Manufacturer: Catalinbread

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What's The Difference Between Stones and Stoner Mode?

In STONES mode the new SFT has increased touch sensitivity and wider gain range, from sparkling clean to warm and wooly AMPEG grind, making the "big amp" playing experience feel even more authentic.
In STONER mode, there is a torrent of gain, saturation and gobs of output, essentially turning the SFT into a thick, beefy sounding fuzz. Engaging this switch unleashes each of the three gain stages, creating raw, ripping leads, and sludgy riffs that sound massive!

Now you can have your Street Fighting Man Tones and eat your Stone Age cake too

New SFT Features:

  • Baxandall tone stack - an elegantly simple yet powerful design that allows shaping of treble, mid range and bass frequencies utilizing only two controls.
  • Volume and Gain controls - capable of boosting an amp into overdrive, or providing "big amp" sounds at lower volumes.
  • STONES/STONER mode switch - select between classic 60s AMPEG and modern high gain sounds.
  • 9V battery or DC power supply for use from 9-18VDC - 9v operation yields smoother compression and a softer feel. Powering at 18v allows for more headroom and a more percussive attack.

How Will It Sound With My Telecaster?

Watch the video below for multiple examples of how our new SFT sounds with a Telecaster, Stratocaster, Les Paul and Flying V!