Korg PB05 Rack Mount Strobe Tuner

Korg PB05 Rack Mount Strobe Tuner
Price: $139.99


Features a highly visible meter. The "three-dimensional" expression of light delivers an unparalleled visual element. Although it's in a rackmount form factor, the body is ultra-lightweight and slim, allowing it to be used anywhere. This is a new generation of rackmount tuner that every musician should experience.

The pitchblack Pro is a rackmount tuner that's easy to see even from a distance. The crisp lights in the newly-developed tuning meter provide a revolutionary visual effect. The powerfully illuminated color LEDs provide unparalleled brightness, so discrepancies or changes in pitch are instantly obvious. There are three available display modes available for the large meter, Regular, Strobe and Half Strobe. Also, Korg's revolutionary Cable Checker function is built in, helping to minimize last minute problems. There is also a buffered output to minimize any change or additional noise in the audio input signal.

Model: PB05
Manufacturer: Korg

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