Mapex PF1000 Falcon Series Single Bass Pedal with Bag

Mapex PF1000 Falcon Series Single Bass Pedal with Bag
Price: $274.99


These three new bass drum pedals are designed to give drummers optimal adjustment and designed to be the smoothest-playing pedals ever made. Falcon accessories enable players to purchase only one pedal that can be modified into a direct or strap drive with the simple replacement of the drive component. Double-pedal users can experiment with the drives to find the right left foot vs right foot balance of feel and speed.

-Self-Adjusting Hoop Clamp Pivots to match any bass drum angle, reducing stress on the hoop and keeping the base plate flat on the floor.
-Interchangeable Beater Weights Provide complete control over the balance and lag of the beater.
-Interchangeable Drives Enable a customized pedal feel to match a variety of playing styles (strap and direct drives sold separately).
-Footboard Height Adjustment Allows for complete adjustment of the footboard angle and playing position.
-Reduced Base Plate Size Allows for better snare stand and floor tom positioning.
-Beater Angle Adjustment Provides independent control of the beater position at rest and the length of the throw.

Model: PF1000
Manufacturer: Mapex

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