Yorkville YSM8 Biamped 8" 2-Way Active Studio Monitor

Yorkville YSM8 Biamped 8" 2-Way Active Studio Monitor
Price: $294.99


Contoured MDF baffles, custom designed soft dome tweeters and high quality low frequency woofers used in Yorkville's YSM Series monitors combine to minimize front face reflections creating improving phase response, providing a wider 'sweet spot' in the listening position. Front facing port design solves the issue of bass coupling with back walls and corners in small environments which can generate false low-frequency information in your mix.

Compatible with virtually any source, Yorkville YSM Series Studio Monitors have a widely variable input trim control for the balanced XLR / 1/4-inch combi-jack input. Four position high and low frequency trim controls (at -2, -1, 0 and +1.5dB) allow user adjustable EQ contour to compensate for speaker placement in less than perfect listening spaces.

Rock-solid 3/4-inch MDF cabinet construction with heavy internal bracing and ample internal dampening material reduces unwanted low frequency rumble ensures Yorkville YSM Series cabinets reproduce source material with near pinpoint accuracy and detail.


*Bi-Amplified Power Modules
*Contoured MDF Baffles
*Front Facing Ports Ideal for Small
*Listening Spaces
*Four Position High and Low
*Frequency Contours Controls
*Widely Variable Input Gain
*3/4-inch MDF Cabinet Construction
*Comprehensive Two-Year Warranty

Model: YSM8
Manufacturer: Yorkville

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