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At The Arts Music Store, we are proud to provide our customers with the full range of products from the Marshall catalogue. We offer lower power practice amps such as the MG series 2 channel, 15-watt mG15 and the 10-watt, 2-channel MG10G, the MS2 and MS4 series battery operated practice amps as well as the Origin series 5-watt tube. If you are looking for some more power, the Code series Code 25 25-watt amplifier and Code 50 50-watt amplifier and the DSL series 40-watt DSL40CR can give the extra boost. We also offer several models of guitar speaker cabinets such as the Origin series 212A, Origin 412A, the Studio series JCM 800, and the MX212A and MX212AR. And of course, if you’re looking for an iconic Marshall experience, we also carry a range of limited edition, JCM, JVM and Handwired combos, heads and cabinets. Click the button below to have a browse through our range of products from this legendary brand.

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Marshall – MG15G

15-watt, 2-channel 1×8 inch Guitar Amplifier

Marshall ORI50H

Origin 50 Watt Tube Guitar Amplifier Head

Marshall – SV20CSS

Studio Vintage 5 watt Tube Guitar Amplifier LTD Black & Red Snakeskin

Innovators and Music Makers

Founded in London, England in 1862, Marshall’s amplifiers are widely recognized amongst the best amplifiers in the world. In the last 60 years, Marshall has refined their design and sound using the input of many notable musicians such as Pete Townshend to achieve the “crunch” and sizzling distortion synonymous with Marshall amps. Marshall’s reputation was born out of the necessity for amplifiers with more volume and better sound. After the development of Marshall’s first amplifiers, they became quickly coveted by guitarists who wanted to experience the revolutionary sound of Marshall. Since those days, Marshall has cemented itself as a top contender for the best amplifiers on the market with a wide array of amps, cabinets, pedals, and footswitches.

Being one of the top amplifier manufacutures in the world, it is no surprise that many notable artists trust their products such as: Angus Young, Malcolm Young, Joe Perry, James Bowman, Joel O’Keeffe, Harri Harrison, Nita Strauss, Ryan Roxie, Kevin Skaff, Alberto Rionda, and Michael Amott.

“Thank you The Arts Music Store for making my 50th b-day present experience a great one. Thank you for giving a care and for your amicable character and professionalism expressed to me and my wife. Can’t say enough about all o’ this. These guys are the best. Their product line-up is downright sexy and I think the fact that my wife also picked up a pink ukulele at the same time just made it even more fun than we could have hoped for. Thanks ‘The Arts Music Store’ — you rock!”

“Nothing short of great! Extremely knowledgeable staff that go out of their way to accommodate their clientele. Customers derive benefit of the staffs in depth knowledge based on their experience as working musicians. Their experience, integrity, and in-depth knowledge of the industry means that you will get decent products to suit your own personal music needs, at fair prices and excellent service after they have made the sale. If these guys don’t truly love what they do, then they are brilliant actors! Have dealt with them for over 25 years and will continue to do so!
All the best to Archy and the gang!”

“My son and I have taken up guitar this year and we have visited a few of the popular music shops in the GTA in search of the right gear to get started with. The Arts staff have consistently provided us with exceptional service and a ton of great advice without the pushy sales approach of some of the other shops.
Great service and fantastic products!”