Why Love Gibson Guitars

Gibson is one of the most coveted brands in the guitar building industry. Established in 1902, Gibson is known for creating some of the most popular solid body, acoustic and hollow body instruments of all time. These musical innovators brought the Les Paul, the SG, the ES-335, the D45 and the Flying ‘V’ into the music world, changing it forever. These iconic instruments have been made popular by various guitar legends such as Angus Young of ACDC, Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, Pete Townsend of The Who, Slash, Neil Young, Brendan Small and many, many more.

Here at The Arts Music Store, Gibson is a flagship brand and is considered a must have for many of our guitar customers. This company has deep roots in musical history and is know to plant the same roots in every player who holds one.

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Body and soul, Gibson produces top quality tones and features for all of their acoustic guitars and mandolins.

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Gibson Guitars

The Gibson brand has been manufacturing and producing a number of different products and accessories under a myriad of other brand names. With their internationally recognized name, Gibson has been able to help shape the foundation for all aspects of the music industry. From innovating high quality humbucking pickups with impeccable sustain, to collaborating with many other manufacturers to improve the capabilities of their instruments. The Gibson guitar brand has been celebrated by the industry and is socially accepted as one of the biggest names in guitars. This company is so well revered that shapes like the Les Paul, the SG and the ES-335 are some of the worlds most copied guitar body shapes in history.

Gibson is also well known for their sister company, Epiphone.

Gibson Les Paul Standard

The Les Paul Standard is Gibson’s most sought after guitar to date. Over time, the Les Paul Standard has seen many changes such as the transition from solid mahogany to chambered to even out weight with resonance, the bridge and tuning machines for tuning stability and ease, not to mention the different woods and finishes to give each player their own vibe. If you’re looking for a guitar that is always striving to be the best guitar it can be, the Gibson Les Paul Standard is that guitar for any player.

2019 Features:

  • Manufactured to be the most upgraded guitar Gibson has to offer.
  • A multitude of different colours that change year over year.
  • Hands-on type manufacturing approach which gives the player the piece of mind that the instrument is always in good hands.
  • It includes a “family photo” stashed inside the (included) Hard shell case. This is a real photograph of the instrument on the bench at the factory just before it goes into the case and into your hands.

Gibson ES-335

The ES-335 is notably one of the most well rounded guitars of all time. Designed in 1952, the ES-335 hasn’t changed much – with it’s solid maple block in the center and 2 hollow wings on either side, this instrument offers sustain, resonance and clarity when played both amplified and acoustically. It’s without question that this guitar has class – the look, the feel, the sound, this instrument is built to withstand the changing musical trends.


  • Equipped with Gibson’s highest quality pickups, the tone is always a mix of classic and modern.
  • Being a semi-hollow guitar, the ES-335 produces more volume than a traditional solid body when played acoustically.
  • Another benefit of the semi-hollow construction is the body will resonate giving the player a tactile connection to the instrument while playing it.

You can catch ES-335 being played by musicians like B.B. King, Dave Grohl, Chuck Berry, just to name a few.

Gibson SJ-200 Standard

The SJ-200 is an absolute beast among other Gibson guitars so it’s no wonder that it has been coined “the king of the flat-top”. With it’s jumbo body design mixed with flame maple sides and back, this guitar explodes with volume and structure. Since 1937, the  SJ-200 has been one of the best and most preferred guitars in Gibson’s acoustic guitar lineup.


  • The flame maple back and sides add top end to what would normally be a low frequency instrument.
  • The solid sitka spruce top adds sustain and balance.
  • Equipped with the L.R Baggs anthem, this guitar sounds just as good plugged in as it does acoustically.

The SJ-200 is among one of the must haves for any flat top acoustic player for any style of music. Plus – it’s not exactly hard to look at!

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