Taylor Guitars: Setting a High Standard for Quality and Leadership

It is no question; the powers that be at Taylor Guitars understand the importance of quality and innovation. They have also shown that their ethics are in order with their purchase of the biggest ebony mill in Cameroon in Central Africa in an attempt to encourage the safe and environmentally conscious milling of this rare and sought after wood specie. But, on the 11th of January 2021, Taylor founders Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug took another giant step in the ethical direction by transferring 100% ownership to their employees.

Through a newly created Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), Kurt and Bob will start transferring 100% of Taylor Guitar’s stock to every employee that works for them. This will not only ensure that Taylor will remain an independent company but will also empower their employees to continue to innovate and be creative as that can only help to increase the quality and popularity of the Taylor Guitar Brand.

Although this announcement could not be presented to Taylor staff in person, it was announced to them in a previously recorded video featuring Bob and Kurt and later, master builder Andy Powers who became part owner in 2019.

The message was clear and simple – Bob and Kurt value their employees. They value what each member brings to the table and how hard they work, especially throughout the current worldwide health crisis. “We could not have grown to what we are today without every one of you,” says, Kurt Listug. “Who will be the best people to guide it forward into the future?” he said. “Who will keep our company true to our values and maintain the culture we love? While Bob and I still have many good years left to dedicate to the company, we wanted to make sure we put the company in the best possible position for future success, to give it the best chance to be around for the next 100 or maybe even 200 years.”

We at The Arts Music Store would like to congratulate Bob, Kurt and Andy for their incredible efforts to boost morale and empower their newly appointed owners.

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