Blackstar & The Arts Music Store

At The Arts Music Store, we have had the pleasure of offering Blackstar products to our customers for several years. We offer a wide variety of Blackstar amplifiers such as the Fly 3, ID:Core V3, HT Venue Series MKII, HT-5R Series HMKII/MKII. The value and quality of this iconic brand are undeniable, filling homes all over the world with great tone and exceptional technology. From micro-amps and solid-state to tube technology and signature custom amps, Blackstar sets the bar high when it comes to coverage. Click the button below to browse what Blackstar has to offer at The Arts Music Store.

Find the Blackstar Model that’s right for you

Find the Amp that suits your unique player profile.

Blackstar FLY3

Small amplifiers and cabinets for the workspace, or just for quiet practice.

Blackstar Sonnet Acoustic

Clean acoustic tones with loads of control and definition.

Blackstar Amp Plug

Portable, silent and direct for the guitarist/bassist on the go!

Featured Blackstar Products

Gear we know you’ll love!

Blackstar Silverline Deluxe

100 Watt 1×12 Digital Guitar Amplifier

Blackstar HT20RMKII HT MkII

20 Watt Tube Guitars Amplifier

Blackstar FLY3

3 Watt Battery Powered Mini Guitar Amplifier

Innovators and Music Makers

Blackstar was founded in 2007 in Northampton, England by 2 ex-Marshall employees, Bruce Keir and Ian Robertson. Blackstar was created by musicians who understand the importance of high quality amplifiers with great tone. All Blackstar amplifiers are designed to provide the highest quality craftsmanship and tonal performance. In less than 2 decades Blackstar has become one of the most trusted names in the amplifier business, whether its the unmatched power of the Silverline series or the portability and quality sound of the HT Venue MkII series, Blakstar has something to offer every musician.

Despite their age, Blackstar has garnered praise from notable athletes who rely on Blackstar for their amplification needs such as: Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper, Tommy Henriksen, Steve Jones, Simple Plan, Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi), Carrie Underwood, Neal Schon and Opeth.

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“Nothing short of great! Extremely knowledgeable staff that go out of their way to accommodate their clientele. Customers derive benefit of the staffs in depth knowledge based on their experience as working musicians. Their experience, integrity, and in-depth knowledge of the industry means that you will get decent products to suit your own personal music needs, at fair prices and excellent service after they have made the sale. If these guys don’t truly love what they do, then they are brilliant actors! Have dealt with them for over 25 years and will continue to do so!
All the best to Archy and the gang!”

“My son and I have taken up guitar this year and we have visited a few of the popular music shops in the GTA in search of the right gear to get started with. The Arts staff have consistently provided us with exceptional service and a ton of great advice without the pushy sales approach of some of the other shops.
Great service and fantastic products!”