The Elwins are an Indie/pop/rock band from the northern GTA. With hits on popular Toronto radio stations as well as a Juno nomination, The Elwins have travelled the world with their music, inspiring others and keeping the good vibes alive.

“The lyrics to ‘Grind You Down’ have significant meaning to myself and the members of The Elwins,” says singer Matthew Sweeney. “Mental illness health and the stigma surrounding it are very serious subject matters that can affect anyone. We are doing our best to address the topic, and trying to encourage dialogue, support or anything else we can to encourage people to seek assistance if they require it. We’re very fortunate that there are many incredible organizations that offer services in Canada and while it’s sometimes a difficult bridge to cross we want people to feel as comfortable as they can.”

For more information about the work CAMH is doing to help those affected by mental illness, please visit or email

For more on The Elwins, check out their media below:

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