Music is Social

Group music lessons provide a fun, social atmosphere for learning.  By joining a class, you open the door to new friends and a sense of community on your musical journey.  You’ll look forward to every lesson!

At The Arts Music School, you can learn to play guitar, enjoy a weekly JAM session, or learn how to shine on stage at Karaoke – all in a small, supportive group where you’ll find fun and friendship with eager learners just like you.  

  Group Guitar Class for Absolute Beginners (Adult)
  Weekly JAM Class (Kids and Adults)

Want to put together your own group?  We can create custom classes for groups of 3 or more.  Contact our Coordinator for more information. 

“Music is everywhere and is part of everyone's life... It changes our moods and becomes the soundtrack of our lives.  It should be understood by everyone!”

- Michael Thorne, (Drum Teacher at The Arts Music Store)


  Private Lessons
  Summer Rock Band Camp for Kids