Humidity, The Element That Keeps Your Guitar Alive

Over the years, we've seen hundreds of guitars meet an early demise by drying out in the winter time. Once your heating system is activated in your house, the heated air recirculates and the humidity drops. Since your guitar is made of wood, it is vulnerable to drying out.

Some warning signs that your guitar is in danger are;

☞ Frets protruding from the fretboard
    ☞ Sound hole changing shape
    ☞ Metal fittings coming loose
    ☞ String height change
    ☞ Neck curve change
    ☞ Separation between body and binding
    ☞ Concave top


Since the guitar's top is at the highest risk, ensure that you have an Oasis, Planet Waves, or Kyser guitar humidifier. 

If you feel that your guitar has been compromised due to dryness, please bring it in immediately so that we can assess if any damage has occurred and begin the re-humidification process.



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